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See how users interact with your product
Search names and emails
Peter Roberts
Durham, NC
Peter Roberts
Monitor product issues in real-time
See users interact with your product in real-time with subsecond latency. Instantly view and search for sessions as soon as users log in, and see the big picture with Grid View.
Reveal pain points that are hurting conversion
Understand where customers are frustrated or confused. Drill into specific URLs or users to see the impact on your product's critical pathways and identify improvements.
Find and capture errors at the source
Surface previously unseen issues, and debug in-depth by capturing console logs and Javascript exceptions. See exactly when errors occurred and why they happened.
Stop wasting time in support tickets
Instantly get context on user issues, and support them in real-time. Diagnose and reproduce errors effortlessly, with log capture and pixel-perfect recordings.
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Cohere has been game-changing for us. The platform has saved countless hours of walking clients through sharing their screen, and undeniably reduced the learning curve for customers trying our product for the first time.
Nick Head
Account Manager, Cuboh
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Convert, engage, and retain customers
Your customers are on your site. Meet them face-to-face.
Engage visitors with voice and video right where they’re most likely to convert – when they’re on your site.
Engage visitors by offering them a helping hand.
See what your visitors are doing, and instantly offer them help when they need it. With their permission, take control of their screen and guide them through your site.
Make every team customer-centric
Eliminate needless ambiguity and repetition with on-screen guidance, and cut handle times by 20%.
Offer prospects the in-person experience with instant live video calls, directly on your site.
Don't just tell, show. Improve retention and understanding by training your users as if you were sitting next to them.
Design the ideal digital experience. Understand customer flows and pain points with real-time insights.
Integrates with your existing tools
Cohere integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, so you can engage with customers and get a comprehensive view of their digital experience from anywhere.
Works with everything
Cohere works on all of your users' devices and with the latest web technologies, regardless of language or framework.
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