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Gain actionable insights for driving down ticket volumes and accelerating resolutions with our free report. Identify the most common questions facing your support team, hotspots for long waiting times and ticket backlogs, as well as suggestions to automate repetitive and time consuming tasks.

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Identify top questions and automation opportunities
Identify common questions that customers tend to ask, and drive self-serve outcomes with automation recommendations for the biggest areas of opportunity.
Unlock continuous improvements with smart reporting
See everything in a single, complete dashboard. Monitor all your core metrics in one place and get the full story behind support inquiries. Use Cohere’s powerful and flexible AI-powered insights to get to the heart of what's holding your customer service back — and how to fix them for good.

"With Cohere, we’ve been able to start self-serving 60%+ of our customers’ inquiries within a matter of weeks, all by leveraging our existing content. It handles complex, real-world inquiries that other bots struggle with while saving valuable time for our customers – helping our agents focus on the cases that matter most."

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Increase in self-served tickets
Reduction in cost per interaction
Increase in agent productivity

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