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Close more customers faster with instant live video calls.
Get 20% more connected calls with the Cohere widget, directly from your site.
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Close more high-value customers. Faster.
Identify and engage high intent visitors right where they’re most likely to convert – on your site.
Cohere helps you instantly engage with your most important prospects.
Talk to your customers, instantly.
Visitors can jump in a voice or video call with just one click, leading to 20% more connected calls compared to a chatbot or phone line.
When I first saw Cohere, I was blown away by its immense potential to improve personal and commercial insurance application processes. This is a dream for an agent wanting to offer white-glove treatment.
Joe Schmidt IV
VP Business Development, Ethos
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Kick off conversations with the right context.
Watch visitors complete forms and navigate your site. Resolve customer issues 41% faster and reduce follow-up tickets by 23% by taking over screens and guiding the way.
When we implemented Cohere, our support reps felt like a glitter bomb had gone off within their team! It has made a night-and-day difference to their ability to resolve issues more quickly and efficiently for our customers.
Natalie Mercuri
Head of Operations, Canix
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Integrates with your existing tools
Cohere integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, so you can engage with customers and get a comprehensive view of their digital experience from anywhere.
Make every team customer-centric
Eliminate needless ambiguity and repetition with on-screen guidance, and cut handle times by 20%.
Offer prospects the in-person experience with instant live video calls, directly on your site.
Don't just tell, show. Improve retention and understanding by training your users as if you were sitting next to them.
Design the ideal digital experience. Understand customer flows and pain points with real-time insights.
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