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How Canix Increased First-Contact Resolutions by 47% and Saves 15 Hours a Week Using Cohere
Canix is an ERP platform for cannabis companies which eliminates the frustrating busywork in compliance, inventory management, and sales.
 Needing to troubleshoot customers’ issues quickly and effectively
 Struggling to convey solutions verbally, leading to endless back and forth
 Using third-party apps to view customers’ screens and gain more context
 Customers often experienced trouble with video conferencing software, and needed to be onboarded over the phone.
 Needing customers to do a lot of set-up on their side, leading to frustration
 Looking for a friction-free way to manage customer interactions
SolutionsCohere provided Canix with:

 All-in-one command center to manage every interaction
 One-click access to customers’ screens, with zero set-up time
 Ability to take full control of customers’ screens and visually guide them through solutions
 Hands-free support for customers, who have no actions to take on their end
 Security-first platform that automatically safeguards customers’ sensitive data
 Dedicated support from customer-obsessed team
 96% customer satisfaction
 47% increase in first-contact resolutions
 15 hours of support team resources saved every week
 Huge reduction in time to troubleshoot issues for customers
When we implemented Cohere, our support reps felt like a glitter bomb had gone off within their team! It has made a night-and-day difference to their ability to resolve issues more quickly and efficiently for our customers.— Natalie Mercuri, Head of Operations, Canix
Inefficiencies across their support function leading to long resolution times and customer frustration
Companies that provide fast, efficient, and accurate customer support add value to their brands and increase customer retention and revenue.
While it’s an indispensable ingredient for long-term business success, it’s not always easy to achieve.
TechCrunch Disrupt 2020 winner Canix faced this specific challenge when they embarked on building and growing their business.
Customers depend on Canix’s ERP platform to manage their day-to-day processes—and keep their businesses running. So it was imperative that Canix’s lean support team could troubleshoot customers’ issues quickly and effectively.
But the company had some work to do. While their dedicated support team did all it could to provide superior support, they faced a litany of challenges familiar to virtually every customer support organization.
Customers began every interaction by email or phone call. From there, Canix’s team of six support reps would attempt to explain how to solve the issue, asking the customer to describe their problem and then telling the user what they needed to do.
“Verbally instructing customers in this way easily led to confusion. Our platform is complex, and it’s easy to confuse one menu, page, or function with another. So support conversations were prone to error, where the customer wasn’t seeing what the rep was seeing – so there was lots of endless back and forth and wasted time.”
To make life easier for customers, the team would often resort to sending over a Zoom, Slack or other video link – and request that the customer share their screen.
But even this was problematic, because it involved extra effort and set-up time on the customer’s part, which only added to their frustration.
“If customers were using Zoom or another platform for the first time, they’d have to download the app onto their computer first, and our team would talk them through it. But this would take time, our reps would wait for them to install it, and stay sitting on the phone while they got everything done, which wasn’t an efficient way of working.”
Exacerbating the challenge was the fact that customers based in more remote areas didn’t have reliable access to the internet. So the process of downloading apps, or even opening a link, could easily fall down.
“Using these third-party apps often required a lot of bandwidth, so even after customers had taken the time to download the program, sometimes they wouldn’t be able to connect, so all their effort would be for nothing.”
When that happened, the team would resort to any available solution to try and find a fix for the customer.
“We’d try any way possible to make things easier for them. We’d even jump on FaceTime calls to see what they were looking at on their screen, because we really needed to provide that help to them.”
Using so many disconnected software solutions, and sending constant meeting links and downloads, was seriously slowing down support resolution.
“We had a lot of tickets that went unresolved, where we felt that we’d got the answer, but then the customer would come back a couple of days or weeks later and say I really still haven't gotten this resolved. This created follow-up tickets, which caused lags in customer service and resulted in customer satisfaction scores lower than we desired.”
The team’s disparate use of third-party software also left Natalie with a security headache.
“While our team always acts with integrity, customers using Zoom, Slack and other platforms would sometimes leave private emails open or share part of their screen that contained personal information. We needed a better solution to ensure their data and security were protected.”
In order to get customer support where they wanted it to be, Canix needed to strip out all the complexity and friction from support interactions with their customers.
Enter Cohere.
Support conversations would typically lead to confusion, where the customer wasn’t seeing what the rep was seeing – so there was lots of endless back and forth and wasted time.— Natalie Mercuri, Head of Operations, Canix
The Solution
An all-in-one command center for customer engagement that saves time for reps and users
Canix discovered Cohere after its sales team contacted them during a period of targeted outreach.
Cohere’s platform promised to fix all their major pain points. Through a central Cohere dashboard, Canix could look up the customer who called, instantly see their screen in real-time—and even, with a single click, take control of the customer’s screen to show them how to do things.
Even better, it required zero effort or action from the customer’s side.
After a successful demo and trial period, Canix was excited to move forward and fully implement Cohere.
Integrating Cohere into their site was fast and seamless. It took less than five minutes for an engineer to insert a few lines of code into their site – and they were up and running. Natalie was impressed with how fast implementation was and how supported she felt along the way.
“Cohere’s sales and support team were really engaged from the get-go and regularly checked in with me to see how things were going and to answer any questions. For me, that shows a lot about what Cohere is all about. They’re really attentive as a team and I think that means a lot to customers.”
Unlike many software platforms, which have steep learning curves and require lengthy training, Cohere was extraordinarily easy to learn and use. After just a few minutes, Natalie’s support reps were up to speed and excited to adopt it.
Instead of having to fumble around sending video links and walking customers through screen-sharing, Canix’s reps could now view the customers’ screen with a single click – and with no set-up whatsoever. It was even easier for the customer.
“There are literally no buttons to press on the customers’ side. They just stay in their screen while we quickly navigate to them through the dashboard—and we can jump straight in and help them out.”
Because support reps can see everything the customer is doing in real-time, they’re in lockstep with the customer within seconds, and can fully understand the context of the issue at hand.
Even better, Cohere’s platform enables Canix’s reps to take full control of their customer’s screen, removing all the technical barriers that had been causing customers so much frustration previously.
“Rather than doing the work for the customer, we prefer to take over their screen and point them in the right direction, teach them that this is the place to click, walk them through the process – and then have them do it for themselves. As well as solving their issue now, this approach saves time in the long-term, because it has a significant impact on their ability to troubleshoot that same issue if they encounter it in the future.”
Customers hugely appreciate the fact that Canix’s support team can now take control of their screen and their issues.
“Customers tell me that life is so much easier since we implemented Cohere. They feel better supported, especially because they don’t have technical limitations to get in their way. It’s great to reduce that barrier to entry and make it easier for us to support them, all the while helping them feel more competent too.”
Natalie says the platform has made a night and day difference to her team’s confidence and efficiency.
“When we implemented Cohere, our support reps felt like a glitter bomb had gone off within their team! There was sheer excitement and joy about not having to sit around and wait for customers to download Zoom and connect, before they could even start to find and solve the issue. So many frustrating steps were instantly removed thanks to Cohere.”
In particular, the support team loves how quickly they can get on top of customers’ issues now.
“It’s so immediate; a customer calls in, we jump on and see exactly what they’re looking at, and we resolve issues faster and better. Being able to inspect their screen in real-time has significantly reduced the amount of time-consuming back and forth with our customers. The confidence of our support team and our ability to help customers has really improved.”
Cohere also takes the stress of worrying about customers’ data security off Natalie’s already full shoulders.
Passwords and credit card numbers are automatically hidden during screen share, while any other element can be blocked with a single attribute.
“Cohere’s data protection features give me confidence, because I know my team isn’t inadvertently accessing information they shouldn’t. Just knowing that the tool I’ve made available to them is both secure and efficient in doing the work they’re meant to do is really satisfying.”
Having seen such impressive improvements across customer support, Canix’s customer success team has joined the revolution and is using the platform to make its own customer engagement more efficient and effective.
“Implementing Cohere has been nothing but positive for our business and delivered a really big wow factor for our people across the board.”
It’s so immediate; a customer calls in, we jump on and see exactly what they’re looking at, and we resolve issues faster and better. — Natalie Mercuri, Head of Operations, Canix
The Result
96% customer satisfaction and 15 hours of support resources saved every week
Since implementing Cohere, Canix has seen customer satisfaction reach a phenomenal 96%.
While credit for this improvement lies with Natalie and her high-performing support reps, she says Cohere has made a major contribution.
“Thanks to Cohere, our customers get the help they need so much faster and easier than before. The fact they feel better supported has no doubt positively impacted our customer satisfaction scores.”
Before Cohere, only 53% of tickets were resolved within the first contact. Because Cohere makes it so much easier to discover issues and solve them, first-contact resolutions have jumped to 78%.
That’s a massive 47% increase in issues resolved at the first time of asking, which saves the team time, and drives customer loyalty and retention.
By using Cohere, the team has also dramatically reduced the time it takes to get each issue resolved.
With no set-up time, no links or downloads to send, and issues fixed faster, Natalie estimates that each agent saves at least five hours a week.
Across the support team, they’re saving 15 hours a week, which is a huge leap in productivity and efficiency for the business.
“Cohere has made a huge difference to our ability to operate more quickly and efficiently. It really is night and day.”
Beyond the impressive time savings, efficiency gains, and soaring customer satisfaction, Natalie sees even more reasons to recommend Cohere to her peers.
“I would 100% recommend Cohere, because it’s wholly secure and drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot issues, assist customers, and coach them in better using your product. Its success goes beyond improving customer support. At the same time that we help customers resolve an issue, we coach them on getting the most from the platform, which adds even more value.”
Without Cohere, Natalie says Canix’s support function would be significantly slower, and the team would be suffering major frustrations and headaches.
“I really love Cohere. I think that they are fantastic as a company, a platform, and as a team that are really great to work with. While their support team is responsive and customer-obsessed, I rarely need to contact them because the platform is so easy to use, reliable and trouble-free.”
Cohere has made a huge difference to our ability to operate more quickly and efficiently. It really is night and day.— Natalie Mercuri, Head of Operations, Canix
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