Feb 15th, 2022
Why Enhance Salesforce Co-Browsing with Cohere (+ How to Do It)
Integrate Cohere with Salesforce, and you’ll be set to make your sales calls more personalized and visually engaging.

Salesforce is a bit like your sales team’s fairy godmother. The platform provides reps with all of the information they need to identify valuable leads and nurture them until they convert.

But that fairy godmother can’t do everything — Cinderella still needs to find the gumption to dance with the prince and win him over. Likewise, Salesforce doesn’t handle conversations with leads. It’s up to your reps to show potential customers the value of your product.

That’s where Cohere comes in. The co-browsing tool allows reps to take over leads’ screens and guide them through key sales processes, whether that’s filling out a demo form or browsing different products on your site. This directly helps show prospects your company cares about them — pushing them to take the plunge and purchase your product.

Integrate Cohere with Salesforce, and you’ll be set to make your sales calls more personalized and visually engaging.

4 Reasons to Use Salesforce + Cohere

With Salesforce, your sales reps can see prospects’ information and provide relevant, helpful answers. But their assistance is limited to typical communication mediums — phone, chat, and video. Cohere adds another layer of assistance. Reps can use mouse takeovers and screen sharing to show prospects the value of their product instead of just explaining it.

“Cohere enables insurers to offer a high-touch, personalized experience at scale – as if you’re sitting right next to the customer, walking them through the application. This is a game-changer for product teams and agents alike.” - Hemal Shah, CPO at Root Insurance via Cohere’s customer testimonials

1. Answer leads’ questions quickly and efficiently with visuals

Say a prospect gets stuck on your site’s lead form or a part of your checkout process. A sales rep with just Salesforce could provide instructions over a call or chat, but there’s a good chance the prospect would still be lost with just verbal instructions — and they may give up on your brand out of frustration. According to the Baymard Institute, approximately 18% of prospects abandon their carts when the process is too long or complicated.

With Cohere, your team members can help customers complete tasks quickly with mouse and screen takeovers — features that aren’t available with just Salesforce. Instead of trying to solve the problem on their own, leads can sit back as the rep takes over their cursor and resolves the issue. Reps can complete a number of tasks — such as filling in forms or questionnaires — so there's no back and forth between them and your leads.

Cohere can also help you decrease drop-offs by using visual assistance to keep leads engaged. Reps can use markers to highlight relevant page elements, and they can take over the lead’s cursor to direct their attention. Seeing the rep in action, the lead will likely learn how to avoid the problem in the future.

“When I first saw Cohere, I was blown away by its immense potential to improve personal and commercial insurance application processes. This is a dream for an agent wanting to offer white-glove treatment.” - Joe Schmidt, VP of Business Development at Ethos Life via Cohere’s Chime testimonials

2. Provide a safe sales experience

Cohere adds an extra layer of protection for leads on top of Salesforce’s cloud security.

Traditionally, with co-browsing software, sales reps have full access to leads’ information through their accounts — whether they’re in a co-browsing session or not. This feature is called God Mode access.

With Cohere, that’s not the case. Admins can choose which fields they want to automatically block out in the settings of Cohere. This would be before the call ever took place. During the call, leads are blocked from sharing sensitive information. This extra security step prevents agents from accessing any sensitive data — including phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information.

Cohere lets leads decide whether they want to share their screen, and it always protects their information. This level of security is likely to leave a positive impression, encouraging potential customers to give your brand a shot.

3. Record co-browsing sessions for future learning

Salesforce lets sales reps record information about interactions with leads, but those recordings are mostly limited to text. Reps can read through the details to learn ways to improve their nurturing, but they may struggle to visualize these lead interactions.

Cohere makes training even easier with recorded sessions, which can be used to improve future sales tactics or train future sales agents. When session recordings are enabled, they are saved at the end of each call. These recordings are directly controlled by your company, not Cohere.

Making customers happy is hard. Let's make it easier.See how Cohere can help your CX and sales teams engage with customers faster and more effectively.

4. Downloads are not required

We get it — integrations can be annoying. Nobody wants to download another tool on their computer.

Thankfully, you and your leads don’t need to download anything to use Cohere. You can create an account right away and get the tool running in less than five minutes. Reps can embed the Cohere dashboard within the Salesforce app, so they’re able to take over leads’ screens from the platform in just one click.

Cohere is a hassle-free experience for your potential customers, too. They simply click on your icon or button on the corner of your website, if the widget feature is enabled, and they’re instantly connected with one of your sales agents.

How to Use Salesforce with Cohere

When Cohere is added to your organization’s website/app, your team can then see which users are on the company website. From there, reps can identify which users need help and offer to connect with them. If the lead grants permission, reps can view the session from the Salesforce dashboard.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Engage your leads — When you're chatting with a lead and they need help, identify their session, so you can further support their call.
  2. Request access — When you ask your leads for permission to access their view, your agents can see what your leads see. Your agents have the ability to help your customers instantly and securely.
  3. Take control — With permission, you have the ability to perform actions on your lead’s behalf and start to guide them through your site.

Explore All the Sales Integrations Cohere Has to Offer

Salesforce isn’t the only tool Cohere connects with. Our platform connects with a number of other key sales tools — including Zendesk, Slack, and Intercom. To see a full list of our integrations, check out our page.

Interested in trying Cohere? Go to Cohere.io to sign up for a demo or a free trial.

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