Customer Story
How OpenPhone Uses Cohere to Achieve 54%+ Self-Serve Rates, 4X ROI
OpenPhone has revolutionized how businesses communicate, with more than 10 million calls and messages processed each month. As its popularity soared, OpenPhone encountered the challenge of managing a large and varied influx of customer queries. 

To overcome this challenge, OpenPhone partnered with Cohere to automatically answer tickets and provide ongoing insights to increase self-serve rates.
Before Cohere
 Complex and repetitive customer requests taxing support teams. With no automation in place, every request was handled by a support team member
 OpenPhone was continuing to scale, and an increase in support headcount or decrease in CSAT was not an option
 Quick launch of integrated platform was critical, meaning NLP was required, and decision tree workflows were not an option
After Cohere
 54%+ self-service outcomes (six figure savings projected in Year 1)
 Smart insights to maximize automation. OpenPhone now has a roadmap to maximize self-serve rates as new recurring queries occur or new products are launched
 Personalized flows for in-app and on-site usage
 Support team is able to focus on the higher priority customers
Our support team has seen an impressive 54%+ rate of self-serve inquiries with Cohere, providing our customers with an improved experience and delivering a 4-fold ROI for us.— Sunny Tripathi, Senior Support Ops Manager at OpenPhone
Rapid growth requiring support automation
OpenPhone was facing a critical challenge with customer inquiries and support tickets piling up due to a lack of comprehensive FAQ and manual management of inquiries. This was leading to longer wait times, lower customer satisfaction, and an overwhelmed support team.
The need for automation was pressing, as OpenPhone needed a solution that could provide answers quickly, improve customer service, and allow the support team to focus on more complex issues.
Implementing an automated system was the only way to address these issues and ensure that customers get the help they need.
The Solution
Minimal training & high accuracy automation
OpenPhone found the perfect solution in Cohere to automate and streamline their customer support process.
The intuitive conversation flow, flexible and easy integration with their internal systems, and deep analytics feature enabled OpenPhone to save time and money while providing an improved customer experience.
By choosing Cohere, OpenPhone was able to provide their customers with personalized, meaningful conversations that resulted in faster ticket resolution and overall customer satisfaction.
The Result
54%+ self-serve outcomes & 4X ROI
OpenPhone's implementation of Cohere as their front-end support solution has been a remarkable success, with over 54% of inquiries being self-served.
This has drastically reduced the cost of customer inquiries, while also drastically improving customer satisfaction and leading to a 4X return on investment.
OpenPhone's adoption of Cohere has given their customer service team the control and visibility they need to provide the best customer experience possible while scaling efficiently.
Thanks to Cohere, we gained access to a powerful support automation system that was quickly and seamlessly implemented. Their team has been extraordinary in helping us along the way.— Sunny Tripathi, Senior Support Ops Manager at OpenPhone
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