Customer Story
Loom Increases Support Automation Rate to 51% with Cohere
Loom is the industry leading video messaging platform used by 20M users across 350K companies. As they continued growing, they saw an opportunity to upgrade their current support automation platform. Loom aimed to provide a conversational and customer-centric experience while reducing maintenance and maximizing self-serve rates.
Before Cohere
 Limited, branch-related content (frustrating users)
 Continual manual content updates needed
 Basic metrics
After Cohere
 Transformed chats with a simplified approach
 Seamless syncing with help-center content (no more manual updating)
 Powerful actionable insights with in-depth metrics to optimize self-serve rates
The implementation process was quick, and the results demonstrate the impact on our customers. Cohere's ability to pull content directly from our help center was a game changer, as we now only have to update one key source of truth.— Chanel Lovell, Support Operations at Loom
Manual content management
As Loom grew and expanded its help center, they realized the need for a more effective support automation system. They wanted a solution that would offer a conversational approach, make the process of obtaining help less tedious, and reduce the maintenance burden on their team.
The Solution
Quick implementation & one key source of truth
Loom turned to Cohere, which swiftly capitalized on Loom’s existing chatbot flows and comprehensive help center. Within a matter of days, Cohere demonstrated the effectiveness of its solution.
Moreover, Cohere provided Loom with ongoing insights to identify areas where new content could be generated to address frequently asked questions that had yet to be answered. This ongoing support enabled the Loom team to stay ahead of the curve and consistently deliver exceptional customer service.
The Result
51% self-serve rate in just weeks
Cohere outperformed expectations, delivering a 51% SSR (an increase of 27% vs. the previous solution). The chatbot provided a seamless experience, quickly helping customers with its conversational approach and smooth transition to an agent if needed.
With Cohere, Loom customers are resolving their questions faster than ever before and freeing up Loom’s support team to focus on providing the absolute best customer experience possible.
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