Aug 11th, 2021
Announcing Cohere Chime – engage visitors face-to-face
Close more customers faster with instant live video calls. Get 20% more connected calls with the Cohere widget, directly from your site.

Ever since we launched Cohere Voice, we’ve been amazed to see how companies of all sizes used our instant call feature to create wonderful customer support experiences. But at the same time, we’ve received an abundance of requests for an additional feature: user-initiated calling. Today, we’re launching that feature!

With Cohere Chime, your users can start 1-click audio and video calls without having to leave your site — no meeting links, support codes, or software downloads needed. During the call, you can see exactly what your site looks like on the customer’s end, and even request to control their screen. It's as close as you can get to physically teleporting next to your user and helping them through your site!

Companies with the Cohere Chime widget see up to 20% more connected calls from their landing page, compared to a chatbot or phone line. More often than not, having that face-to-face interaction is enough to convert a loyal customer.

Our goal at Cohere is to continuously push the boundaries of how frictionless website customer support can be. Cohere Chime is the next logical step of crafting a brilliant customer support experience for your users to stay in love with your product.

Making customers happy is hard. Let's make it easier.See how Cohere can help your CX and sales teams engage with customers faster and more effectively.

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